Imagine that you like a particular candy

If you tell your friends to try it out in return, you will get a free pack of those candies by doing nothing but referring that brand to others. We offer something similar and unique. After using our services, you can tell a friend and a family member about us, and if they rolled themselves in our investment scheme, you would get an eight percent boost in your investment. Isn’t it great, you are earning money by just telling people about our services with no effort at all. This is called direct Referral earning.

Why should you Referral?

Referring to other people to invest in BITEVENING is a step to make people happy and satisfied with their income and, in return, getting benefited as well. It’s a win-win situation, so why turning away from it? Just copy your registration link and start sending it to people who may be interested in safely investing money. Doing something good for people helps to ease up the mind but, in this case, fills up your wallet. If there is someone you know is interested in investing then, inviting them to BITEVENING will benefit you and that person as well. Your investment can even skyrocket if you invite more than one or two people.

How to Referral?

Referring is simple and pretty straight forward. Just spread the word “BITEVENING” by sharing people your unique registration link through tweets, articles, and blog posts, etc. Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and Snapchat, etc. so everyone who are interesting considers joining. Let everyone know of our site and, in return, earn money. So what are you waiting for? Start sending people your referral links You will get paid for every new client that invests in buying any package through your referral link. So, introduce people with our services and get a prize from it.

How referring works?

Referring people to join BITEVENING is an excellent thing because you are helping them to invest their money in the right trustworthy place, and we just award you for helping others. More people get into investment, the better their lives will be. You are helping us make the lives of our investors better, and we are awarding you just for your proud work. Just sending a single link can change the entire life of a person, it can make them a better person and a better money handler. So, help us make somebody’s life more manageable and productive.

Is Referral safe?

Referral are hundred percent safe and legal. Sending links to your friends and family members to join a program has no ethical and lawful violation. You referral people so they don’t miss these bizarre offers and get benefits in the same way as you are getting benefited. Helping people is appreciatable behavior. To value their doing, we offer people an eight percent boost in their investment to Referral so that nobody misses out on our amazing offers that help you get rid of your financial crisis.

Package Min Investment Max Investment Activation Charges Earning Per Day
A $ 50 10,000 $ 10 Upto 1.2 %
B $ 10,001 25,000 $ 10 Upto 1.5 %

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